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Dual Push button Switch


  • Contacts with abrasion resistant hard gold plating
  • 100 % electronic final inspection and testing

Gold-gold-contacts have low and stable contact resistance. ISO 9001 approved production together with 100% electronic final inspection and testing guarantee reliable operation. Many special designs are available on request or can be built according to customer's specification.

Width 6.0 mm
Perm. ambient temperature -20 °C ... +80 °C
Mech. lifetime 100.000 steps 
Operating force approx. 4.0 N
Weight approx. 1.5 g
Digit height 10-digit 3.1 mm
Digit height 16-digit 4.3 mm
Click action marked 
Sinus-vibration testing acc. EN 60068-2-6 
Shock testing acc. EN 60068-2-27 
Operating voltage ≤ 40.0 V
Contact load, dynamic (resistive) ≤ 100.0 mA
Contact load, static ≤ 1.0 A
Contact resistance for PCB AK (measured from supply line to output) < 100.0 mΩ
Housing PPO 
Contact surface Au over Ni on Cu 
Sliding contact Au over Ni on CuSn6