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  • ø 3.0 mm LED
  • Multiple block configurations available
  • Special versions on request

LED-element with two integrated ø3mm LEDs. This component has a tongue and groove system which interlocks when lining-up with neighbouring components and so achieves stability on the PCB. The identical type 26-13 without tongue, is a balancing element between the line-up system and other components. The LED-Element is a front-panel-component acc. DIN 41494 for 19'' racks in industrial electronics.

LED diameter 3.0 mm
Fixation mode THT 
Pitch of solderpins 2.54 mm
Serial pitch 5.08 mm
Resistance against cleaning fluids yes 
Operating temperature see technical information - LED-Quality 
Housing PA6.6 GF25 UL94-V0