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  • integrated ø 3.0 mm LED
  • Solder-heat protected

Surface mountable LED-Element includes a ø3mm LED. The location and design of the connectors guarantee optimal workability and testing characteristics and minimize soldering errors. The mounting of the LEDs in a recess, gives them a maximum of solder-heat protection. Additional mechanical fixation by two plastic fixation pegs available on request. For special designs IR-LED or DUO-LED are available. All LED-elements are available with normal or reversed polarity and are packed on reels. Other packing variations, such as tubes or trays, as well as special designs are available on request.

LED diameter 3.0 mm
Fixation mode SMT 
Pitch of soldering pads 2.54 mm
Serial pitch 5.08 mm
Coplanarity of the solder pins ≤ 0.1 mm
Operating temperature see technical information - LED-Quality 
Soldering heat-proof IR acc. CECC 00802, class C 
Soldering DIN IEC 68T2-20 
Packing Tape on Reel 
Packing unit 1250 pcs. per reel 
Housing PCT GF