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Angular Through Hole Reflow


  • Solid PCB pins
  • Contacts with abrasion resistant hard gold plating
  • Extra sealed design with high temperature resistance
  • Switches are solder and flux sealed and washable
  • 100 % electronic inspection and testing

Solid PCB pins ensure trouble-free assembly and safe connection. Contacts with abrasion resistant hard gold plating have low and stable contact resistance. The 4+1 pin configuration has a common connection on one side and four outgoing pins on the other. ISO 9001 approved production together with 100% electronic final inspection and testing guarantee reliable operation. Figures are clearly visible and detention mechanism is precise for fast and easy operation. Many special designs are available on request or can be built according to customer's specification.

Type vertical 
Fixation mode THR 
Fixation mode THR 
Height 10.7 mm
Length 10.2 mm
Width 10.0 mm
Pin connection 4+1 
Perm. ambient temperature -25 °C ... +85 °C
Perm. storage temperature -40 °C ... +85 °C
Torque (typically) 2.5 Ncm
Mech. lifetime 10.000 steps 
Degree of protection comparable IP67 
Sealing O-Ring 
Shock and vibration testing acc. IEC 60068 
Humidity 21 days at 40 °C, 93 %RH 
Reflow soldering 10 s / 260 °C
Wave soldering Double Wave acc. DIN EN 61760-1:2006 
Iron soldering 2 s / 340 °C
THR through holes plated through 
THR PCB hole diameter 1.0 mm
Outside diameter plated land 1.8 mm
Operating voltage ≤ 42.0 V
Contact load, static ≤ 0.4 A
Contact load, dynamic ≤ 0.15 A
Minimum load 1.0 µA 20mVDC
Test voltage 250.0 V 50 Hz / 1.0 min 
Contact resistance < 100.0 mΩ
Insulation resistance > 100.0 MΩ