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Slide switches, THT, vertical


  • Miniature slide switches with 3 pin connection
  • Can be used as ON/OFF-switches or CHANGE-OVER-switches
  • End-stackable in 2.54 mm pitch
  • Solder and flux sealed base
  • Gold plated roller contacts ensure safe switching even at low currents
  • Robust and reliable switches despite of miniature size
  • Switching position A visible on the top
  • High-end alternative to jumpers
  • Can also be used as address switch for applications requiring a limited quantity of addresses

Despite their miniature size these switches are robust and reliable. There are multiple applications in industry as well as in consumer electronics. The switches are a High-End alternative to jumpers and also work as address switches for applications requiring a limited quantity of addresses.

Fixation mode THT 
Pitch 2.54 mm
Switching mode Contact wiping on make and break 
Switching positions
Mechanical lifetime 5.000 operations 
Operating force 8.0 N
Operating travel 1.5 mm
Perm. ambient temperature -40 °C ... +85 °C
Perm. storage temperature -40 °C ... +85 °C
Humidity 21 days at 95 %RH (IEC 60068-2-3) 
Wave soldering Single Wave 
Contact rating, switching 12.0 VDC / 0.5 A - 24.0 VDC / 0.2 A 
Contact rating, non switching 10.0 mV / 0.01 A 
Contact resistance initial 50.0 mΩ
Contact resistance after life test 100.0 mΩ
Insulation resistance 1.000 MΩ min. 100.0 VDC 
Test voltage 500.0 VDC min. / 60.0 s 
Capacity < 1.5 pF