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Thumb Wheel Switches

Thumb Wheel Switches

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Thumb Wheel Switches

DH.. thumb wheel switches are designed for reflow soldering. Their slim design of 3.3 mm to 6.0 mm is aimed at applications with limited space, especially narrow housings typical of DIN-rail applications. This switch is particularly suitable for setting addresses in BUS- and wireless applications as well as for setting parameters in all kinds of devices.
It is available with serrated operating crown for easy operation without any tool. There are two versions of the thumb wheel switch, left and right handed to maximize design possibilities and two digit addressing is possible if used with a central PCB. Different 10 and 16 position codes are available as well as various printing designs, e.g. 0-9, 1-10, and customer specific printings.
Setting addresses and parameters with thumb wheel switches has an advantage compared to electronic displays: the setting is still readable without electrical power.